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If you love cats with an exotic look but without the size and danger of a wild cat, the Bengal was developed with you in mind.

Wild looking large cats, Black and Brown rosettes, Long bodies, Full whisker pads, Thick blunt tails, Small ears, Fully glittered, plush soft clear coats, with sharp contrast, Whitened tummies, Always Well Tempered!

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The Bengal Cat is here by crossing Asian Leopard Cats with Domestic Cats. This large-boned, short-haired cat stands out for its “rosette” coat of many colors


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We are a small, in-home hobby breeder, raising one litter at a time. Our Bengals kittens for sale are raised in the home underfoot. They are well socialized in a family environment with children and other pets. Our kittens are handled from the moment they are born to insure they will have the sweetest and most lovable temperament possible. All of our cats are treated as though they are our only pet. We pride ourselves with a clean and healthy cattery with handable cats and kittens, it’s all about Quality, not quantity!

Bengals come in many colors, they can be either spotted (rosetted) or marbled. Their coats can be glittered or non-glittered, both are acceptable. Bengals have the sheen that the ALC’s have, Most Bengals have a pelt like fur that doesn’t shed much, if any, like a normal domestic cat (non-Bengal). Bengals are very dog like.

They love to play fetch and can be leashed-harness trained, and most of all they love water! Bengals are truly a joy to have as a pet. Many people who have Bengals say, “They are addicting and can’t just have one”. They are wonderful with children, other pets, and “yes” they love dogs! We breed SBT’s, that are pet, breeder, and show quality. We are members and registered cattery of TICA and a member of TIBCS and TIBCC. We are Veterinarian inspected cattery and TICA Certified Cattery of Excellence.

If you have any other questions about the breed.
Please feel free to contact us any time